December 4, 2023

Gift Guides 2023: Investment Gifts

Here are some of my picks for investment gifts – from pretty damn expensive to on sale and a decent price! Not all items are clickable so look for links below in my notes:

  • This Tory Burch bag looks SO expensive and has a crossbody strap as well as being both black and beige so it goes with literally anything. One of the girls in my office has the smaller version and LOVES it.
  • Prada heels are actually comfy and there is nothing I wear more than a good animal print ponyhair shoe!
  • I bought this clutch and use it NON STOP for going out. Fits your phone, some cards and lipgloss and even your keys.
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Peloton Tread. I use in 3x a week and do runs, hikes (my fave), strength classes and stretching. Best treadmill ever.
  • Pieces from my M. Flynn collab – my Athena bracelet I wear every day, as well as my green tourmaline and diamond band and most often, my best-selling Heirloom studs. I designed these specifically to be everyday luxury pieces you never take off.
  • Fancy wine glasses – you can buy a couple at time for special occasions until you have a whole set. It’s so nice to have real crystal that isn’t dated looking to entertain with.
  • I am straight up obsession with my La Cornue induction range. Like, I was worried it would be hard to use, and it is the easiest oven and range ever. Everything cooks so evenly and quickly- BEST DECISION (you’ll see again on my best buys of 2023).
  • Nice dishware – another thing you can tell people to get you when you want to invest in special pieces for entertaining. These are stunning.
  • Veronica Beard blazer – I have one as old as 9 years I still wear! Expensive but WELL worth the money. Buy once, buy well.
  • I have this wallet (it’s indestructible- has lasted 5 years and counting), but I love the horsebit detail on this Gucci one too!
  • Art – buying original art is a GREAT gift that will last a lifetime! This piece is from Design Supply.
  • Golden Goose sneakers – I was a naysayer for YEARS! I thought these were ridiculous (and they are) but I do wear mine constantly. I am loving this pair with the leopard star!
  • A great statement vase – I’ve been eyeing this one for a year. I want to buy it for when we photograph my house.
  • Real leather pants – there are a lot of good fauxs out there, but NOTHING replaces my beloved leather leggings. Cost per wear is SO low. And these fit amazing and are on sale!
  • A great lamp – I’ve had this Bunny Williams lamp in two homes, several different rooms and will never part with it. It’s SO good and adds that unexpected modern flair to a traditional space. We use it a lot in our work.
  • I wear gold coin style necklaces a lot – and I’d love to invest in a Foundrae piece (round // heart) with my kids initials on it. This one is an easier price point.
  • La Ligne striped sweater – well made, perfect cut. A classic.
  • Free weights – nothing has changed my body composition more than weight training.
  • This faux leather jacket is one of my most worn items every winter and it’s on sale now!

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