June 25, 2015

Guest Room Update Wishes.

I have design ADD. Completely. It’s why I’m good at my job, but also why I redo my own interiors (or WANT to) roughly every 12 months.  Magnifying my “quick to tire” attitude by 1,000  is the fact that all my rooms are published in my book.  After working on the book for so long and staring at the images of the spaces day in and out all last year, I am tired of my own spaces.  Thankfully, none of the big items,  I managed to make solid choices there, but more the small decorative ones.  With Baby Gates on the way, I have an excuse to make over one of my guest rooms, but I’m craving an update to my living room and main guest room (my former master bedroom) ASAP.

New baby, new year, new look.

The easiest one to update would be the guest room- this space:

Erin Gates Newton_008

Erin Gates Newton_039

I love the individual pieces in this room, but I want to shake it up.  Especially seeing as this room will get a lot more use once November rolls around.  So I’d keep the bed, nightstands, dresser, sconces, drapes, ceiling light and bookcase (not shown here), but want to change the color scheme to blue.  This gorgeous rug was borrowed for the shoot (I couldn;t swing the high price) so I have a plain ivory rug in there now that my dogs have decorated with vomit. Nice work, guys. The thing that kills me would be taking down and selling the custom framed wallpaper panels. UGGGHHH, they were so expensive and are SO gorgeous- it’s the ONE thing that is giving me hesitation!!!

But I’m having such a massive blue moment- and since my plans for the nursery are going more grey than blue, this may be my chance to go blue crazy. Guest rooms are the PERFECT place to experiment since you aren’t in them every day. I’m toying with just leaving the walls this grey color (Benjamin Moore San Antonio Gray)- which has a tiny touch of blue in it. I really would like to paint it Farrow and Ball Hague Blue, but if I ask Andrew to paint another room over he may stab me in the face.  The main inspiration for this room is the blue colorway of F. Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock fabric. The reason for the fabric focus is because my most FAVORITE pillow in my entire house is the grey colorway of this fabric in my soon to be dismantled pink bedroom (sob, I still LOVE this room!!!)  I toyed with just using this pillow in the guest room as is, but with the floral wallpaper panels it’s too much floral for me in one space. What’s a girl to do? Perhaps just bite the bullet and go blue!?


1. A stacked pair of these prints above each nightstand // 2. Navy bordered bedding // 3. Large bolster pillow fabric // 4. Large painting above dresser // 5. Dresser lamp // 6. Lined woven wood shades layered under drapes // 7. Candle // 8. Matches (striped tee, done by the illustrator of my book!) // 9. Add this trim to leads of drapes // 10. A gorgeous vintage distressed rug.

The pillow below that I love, love, love.  If this baby had been a girl I was going to do drapes in this fabric and leave the walls pink. But despite my gut feeling, our latest anatomly scan proved it is MOST CERTAINLY a boy. :)

Erin Gates Newton_100

I almost done with my nursery design, so I hope to reveal that in the coming two weeks! :)

Room images by Michael Partenio for Elements of Style: Designing a Home and A Life



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