December 6, 2017

Jenna Lyons 2.0

Today i thought I’d take a break from all things holiday and talk some decor!

Recently the New York Times showcased Jenna Lyons new SoHo loft. After having one of the most Pinned/shared spaces of all time previously (which still looks beautiful and stands the test of time even though it launched 1,000,000 copycat designs, by the way!)  Her new space, designed by the Myers Davis firm,  has a similar feel to her old one, and uses a couple items from it too, but overall feels more modern and eclectic I think.

The living room is a palette of icy blue and coral with lots of brass accents. I think I spy the Moroccan rug from her last living room in use (or at least a similar one) and another bold sofa choice in coral velvet.   Also there is a mix of traditional antiques and mid-century styles, which I love.


Like, I cannot deal. CANNOT DEAL.

Ok, I’m going to let this go and move onto the kitchen. Lots of marble, brass. All good things.

The bedroom appears to have her old living room chandy in it. I love the iron windows into the bathroom and the big photo above the bed.

But the rest of the space is a bit 70’s for me.

The bathroom is my favorite space I think. Simple lines, but stunning materials. That marble is a showstopper, especially when paired with black walls.

Her room sized closet (of course).

Adore the dramatic paint color in the hallways. It’s so delightful.

If you watch the video you get a way better view of lots of the spaces. P.S. Whats with the TWO different flight suits?

And here’s a quick roundup of items that may give you the “Jenna Loft” look…

  1. Benjamin Moore Blue Lace is similar to the pale color in Jenna’s living area.
  2. Farrow & Ball Inchyra Blue is similar to the dramatic color in her hallways.
  3. An antique inspired mirror like the one above her fireplace.
  4. A replica Serge Mouille light.
  5. A cool painted folding screen.
  6. A touch of leopard in these vintage benches.
  7. Coral velvet sofa.
  8. Faux Monstera leaves (the real ones look pretty fake already so…. just be sure to put water in the vase to help it look more real!)
  9. A big modern sketch.
  10. A small geometric abstract.
  11. A modern marble and brass coffee table.
  12. A Beni Ouarain style rug.
  13. A vintage style chandelier like in her bedroom.
  14. A modern brass side table.


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