January 19, 2016


You asked and here it is- an update on Lindsey’s reno! Enjoy! -EG

Hi guys! I’m excited to finally update you on our kitchen progress (if you missed the first post you can check it out here). Back in October we designed and ordered our Deerfield assembled cabinets through Cabinets.com. The expected production time was 4-5 weeks, plus another 2 weeks in transit, and everything arrived right on time. I was a little nervous that all of the cabinets wouldn’t make it here from Florida in one piece (unfortunately damages and delays are all too common in our industry) but thankfully everything went great. Here’s a peek at our dining room after we were left with 30+ boxes worth of cabinets and trim.

FullSizeRender (2)

A few nights later Eric started opening up all of the boxes and laying out the cabinets. We chose Colonial II willow gray and I’m so glad that we did. The color is a nice neutral gray – not too warm or too cool. (Sorry for the dark iPhone photos!).


The following Saturday Eric enlisted the help of his dad and a close family friend (who is an experienced carpenter) to help with the install. There are a lot of variables when installing cabinetry (uneven floors, ceilings, etc.) which is why Cabinets.com recommends professional installation. Having the help of someone who knew what he was doing, and had installed cabinets before, was invaluable. There were a lot of minor adjustments that had to be made to accommodate the nuances of our little old house, but overall things moved pretty quickly. Everyone was impressed with the quality of the cabinets as well – everything was built using solid maple and plywood (no particle board). Within a few hours Eric texted me a picture of their progress.


Yay, the beginnings of a real kitchen! Because I’m a nervous wreck half the time I had decided earlier that morning to leave the guys to do their thing and go look at countertop options instead. I spent my morning wandering through the Boston Granite Exchange looking at lovely stuff like this…


Can you get over that polished Statuario on the right? From the beginning we loved the look of honed carrara marble, but when it came time to actually pick counters I was all of a sudden very nervous. Marble is notorious for being beautiful, but high maintenance. I adore my husband, but neat and careful he is not. So, we decided to look at granite too, but unfortunately the options for lighter colored granites are limited. This is called kashmir white, which is a pretty, affordable option. It’s very gray, though, and has some deep purple flecks (which vary in size and color by slab) so it wasn’t quite right for us.

FullSizeRender (3)

Up next… quartz. Quartz is an awesome option for kitchen countertops because it’s more durable and scratch resistant than natural stone. Plus, the quartz manufacturers have gotten pretty crafty at creating colors that resemble marble. Here are a few that we considered.


top left: Caesarstone London Gray – top right: Silestone Lagoon
bottom left: MSI Calacatta Vicenza – bottom right: MSI Carrara Grigio

In person the Silestone Lagoon was my favorite. It’s a nice mix of white and gray with soft movement throughout. Unfortunately, the quote came in $2,500 more than carrara. The MSI options were more affordable, but I wasn’t in love with the colors and I was afraid of choosing something that looked like it was trying too hard to be the real thing. In the end, we pulled the trigger on the marble. We’re getting it sealed, which should help with staining, and because it’s a honed finish there’s less risk of etching. Marble certainly isn’t the right choice for everyone, but I’m pretty excited to see this beauty in my kitchen everyday.


Back at home the men accomplished all of this in one day. The island wasn’t set yet in this photo, but all of the uppers and lowers are in. I was blown away by what an awesome job they did (thank again guys!!!).


The holidays slowed us down a little bit but fast forward a couple more weeks and here’s where we are at today. We need to finish installing the appliances and lighting, adjust a few of the cabinets and shelves, install hardware and decide on a backsplash, but we are so, so close. Eric installed our gorgeous farmhouse sink (no easy task!) and he’s working on finishing up the island and trim work before the countertops go in later this week. Truthfully, I owe this entire project to him. I had a vision of what I wanted, but without Eric none of it would have come together. He’s worked tirelessly for months and I’m so grateful.

IMG_0899 IMG_0900

We’ll be back in the coming weeks to post the final reveal!

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