December 1, 2016

Making Old New Again: My Newest Collection for M.Flynn Jewelry

I am SO darn excited about revealing this to you guys because I think it might be my best yet! Just in time for your letters to Santa, here is my new design for M. Flynn called Heirloom. Why am I calling it that you ask? Well, let me tell you…

My mom gave me these old gold and diamond pieces form the 80’s she didn’t wear anymore, and since they weren’t my style either they sat in my jewelry box unworn.  Until I asked the M. Flynn gals if they ever rework old jewelry into new things.  And come to find out, it’s actually their specialty! So much so that they started a whole section of their business dedicated to just that!


I did a quick sketch of some studs using the 10 small diamonds in this bracelet- I wanted something that has a super timeless and classic vibe akin to the Van Cleef Alhambra studs I love.  I also love the shape of the Verdura Maltese Cross collection….so I quickly sketched this…


The ladies put it into CAD and I knew immediately I was going to love them.


Before they were set….


TA DA!!!! I have not taken them off since I picked them up weeks ago. I am obsessed.  They are so sparkly and significant on the ear, but also simple and the perfect everyday earring.  Far more interesting than I simple diamond stud.  So we decided to make them a permanent part of my collection and create multiple pieces based on them.


Here they are on.


And here they are paired with the station necklace which is ridiculously stunning (it also can be made with three instead of five if you like).


It also comes in a gorgeous single pendant!


For the other old piece (the Dynasty style V shape necklace) I wanted a guard ring made to wear with my engagement and wedding band based on my Les Points rings.


Since all my rings are platinum I had them make it in white gold ( a little less  expensive)and it came out perfect.


And looks lovely with all my other pieces (I think I need to move onto onto another finger if I want any more rings though!!!)


And since I’m talking about my jewelry, just a reminder that all the pieces make great special gifts for yourself or others :)  Like the Les Points Charm, the Ladybug charm (or earrings) and the Horn Pendant.


The hand engraved disc and Compass Rose charm look great strung together on a chain.


The Compass Rose ring and Les Points bracelets shown here (the bracelet is my other most favorite thing- I dare say I wear it more than my Love bracelet!)


Also the birthstone charms have been a huge hit!


So grab something a little sparkly this season :)  GET 15% OFF YOUR PURCHASE WITH THE CODE “REMAKE16” UNTIL 12/5!!


Photography by Sarah Winchester


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