April 22, 2019

Mother’s Day Gifts with Mark & Graham

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this year Mark & Graham asked me to partner with them to celebrate moms and I was happy to oblige. Not only do I love personalized products as gifts, I also love when they are actually REALLY useful (and beautiful) to me as a mom.  And right now everything on their site is 20% off with code “SUNSHINE”!

(this coat is on sale too for $65 right now if you can believe it- Henry’s coat is no longer available in green but is in blue here)

One thing I really have started wanting now that Henry is a fast-as-lightning three year old is a stylish backpack.  I need both of my hands free to make sure he’s not climbing a wall or smearing ice cream all over his new clothes. So when I saw this leather backpack I was in love- it can be worn either as a backpack or a shoulder bag and is SUPER roomy inside. Plus it looks far more chic than most other backpacks I’ve seen. I was stopped twice in the airport while on tour by other moms asking me where I got it!

Leaves my hands free for ample hugs– or carrying my big boy when he decides “his legs don’t work” (his newest toddler fake out).

And how about the adorable bamboo handle too? Perfect for hanging on a bathroom stall door hook when rushing to get your potty-training toddler to the potty on time (yes, I have tested it in exactly this usage!)

But also, it’s a great bag for WORK too. I am a proud working mom, and my bags have to double duty– carry my laptop and samples during the week and extra clothes, snacks and water bottles on weekends.  This bag is good for both- and is lightweight too, so it’s not painful to carry.

Two other things I got from them that are so great for us moms on the move are this keychain with USB charger hidden in it (I am ALWAYS forgetting my charger cable when I travel).

And this adorable, classic toiletry set for business trips (I use the smaller one to corral lip-glosses, earbuds and other small things in my bag on an everyday basis.)

Personalized gifts like these are one of my favorite things to give because it shows that you took that extra little step in selecting something for someone. Here is a round up of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts (for any type of mom- we’re all “on the go” moms no matter if we work or not) from Mark & Graham.

Everything is 20% off today so place your Mother’s Day order NOW and skip the whole “rushing around last minute” thing. :)


  • This post was sponsored by Mark & Graham, all selections and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting those companies that keep EOS going.

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