May 14, 2024

My Custom Kitchen Hood

Photo by Kirsten Francis

Now that my kitchen is done, one of the features I get the most questions about is my brass hood. We do tons of custom metal hoods for clients and I knew I wanted a brass hood to complement my La Cornue range in my new kitchen. I worked with Classic Custom Metal Works in Florida to create my dream hood from scratch – and the process was SO easy and creatively fulfilling, so I wanted to share a bit about it since they ship nationwide and are a great resource.

Their very thorough process starts with a great form they have you fill out about the size of the hood you want, cabinetry details and what style you are looking for. It’s very detailed, which makes a designer like me feel confident they will get it right! From there they presented me with various options for the hood in these fabulous renderings:

I decided on hood #3 but in the colors of hood #4 – I wanted it to be two different tones of brass, one brushed and one lacquered, since my range had lacquered brass on it. They sent a bunch of samples for me to play around with as they worked on the final drawings:

They presented me a final set of drawings (along with CAD drawings for the builder to review as well).

And a final watercolor of the range wall – this really helps visualize how it will all look together, especially the scale of everything.

They chose the right size blower insert to work with my size range and included it with the hood. It shipped very quickly for custom and came with clear installation instructions for my builder (and a person to call with questions). It was such an easy process and I could not be more thrilled with my hood! It’s a total show stopper!

We loved working with them so much we used them to create another hood for a client in the Hamptons who needed one (an in-process pic, but you can still tell this one will be amazing too!):

I’m really happy to share resources when they are this amazing (and a real pleasure to work with). I feel like customer service is a dying art, and these guys are old school in their approach – in the best way! I used a suction cup to hang a wreath on my hood at Christmas, and it left a mark. They tested ways to remove it on samples in their office and then sent me step by step instructions on how to remove it. Truly above and beyond.

I think custom made items for your home can be incredibly intimidating to undertake if you are not working with a designer and these guys really do make it easy.

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