August 31, 2020

My Guest Bathroom Mini-Renovation

This post has been a LOOOOOOONG time coming, as we finished this project in March, but then COVID/ pregnancy/ childbirth and, you get it, I just had not found the time to shoot it. I still haven’t (properly with a real photographer) but my iPhone pics are gonna have to suffice! We renovated this bathroom when we bought the house in 2012- it was original from 1941- expanding it into the hall linen closet to give us an extra foot of width, moving the toilet (SO expensive to do) and redoing everything…. except the shower/tub. I was having sticker shock from the cost to renovate this tiny bathroom and decided to take a shortcut and keep the cast iron tub and wall tile and just re-enamel it. HUGE mistake. Cut to last year and the tub and tile paint was coming off in huge chunks. And you can’t re-spray a re-enamel job so we decided to suck it up and redo the tub and tile, which meant redoing the floor too…. which then meant redoing the beadboard. GAH!!! It spirals.

This is how it looked when we bought the house.

This is how it looked after our first renovation:

Photos by Michael J. Lee for my first book.

And this is how it looks now! We replaced the beadboard with V-groove, but left the  whole vanity and sconces the same. I changed the mirror to bring a little brass into the space (yes mixed metals are ok!) We also painted the walls Benjamin Moore Rainy Afternoon, which is SUCH a good dark/mid-tone green.

We got a new alcove tub by Maax from Designer Bath and it really is so much more modern looking – and deeper too! This is the only tub in the house, so it’s nice to be able to actually take a real bath now! The wall tile is Essential subway in Cloud by Akdo and is a great scale- 4″ x 12″.  We kept our American Standard shower fixtures and faucet as well as the sconces to save money. I considered changing all the plumbing/ hardware to brass because it would have looked awesome, but I really didn’t want to spend more money and the polished nickel IS classic.

Oh yes, and the FLOORS! Oh, the floors. I love them so much. They are also from Akdo, and are Turkish Grey and Dolomite.  We got the 12″ x 24″ and cut them to 12″ x 12″. I just love this classic pattern and how it makes the bathroom feel SO much bigger.

The mirror is by Pottery Barn- sold out, but similar here (I actually like this one better).

I found these great faux shagreen accessories from Kassatex.

I picked this Carolina Irving fabric for the faux roman shade and pleated sconce shades because it felt neither too girly or too masculine since Emma and Henry share this bathroom.

Other accents include this cute pinstripe linen shower curtain from CB2 (out of stock but this is similar), amazing towels from Weezie (love them so much I need them for my own bathroom now) and this art print I put in a favorite old, chippy gold frame I found at an antique shop.

I’m super happy we did this, but of course wish we had just done it the FIRST time around….

Here are some links to shop the look:

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