September 13, 2021

My Health, Workout & Beauty Routines

This weekend when I did my Instagram AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) I got a lot of questions about my health and workout routines (and what kind of products and procedures I use/do on my face as well!) As you know, I tend to be mostly an open book so I’m happy to share my daily routine, with the caveat that I know these kinds of things can be triggering for those with body images issues- hell, I still have body image issues. Lots of them.  As someone who was diagnosed as having body dysmorphia, I certainly do NOT see myself the way other may see me. I’m no longer struggling with an eating disorder and I work hard trying to maintain a healthy mindset, but I know how hard it can be when you are really feeling down about yourself. So please don’t take this as anything but answering some of your questions and sharing my personal favorites.  My entire family is naturally thin and tall, and I was lucky to inherit pretty decent (albeit huge and cavity riddled) teeth, hair and eyebrows from my mother, so I do acknowledge that as well (although the unibrow in middle school was a hard road to travel, let me tell you ;) )

Also, I find that all of this- beauty rituals, working out and eating well all are a part of self care and that is important in maintaining some semblance of mental health, especially now.  I am very lucky to have a nanny who works until 6pm and a husband who is happy to trade on and off with the kids so we each can work out and take time to do things that make us relaxed a little. I always end my workday with enough time to work out and spend time with my kids, and try every night to do a little something to relax- a mask and tea or wine and a bath. Big advocate over here of that kind of thing.


I do not have a crazy routine. I wash my face with a few different washes depending on how my skin is feeling (faves being Tammy Fender, Tata Harper and this Naturopathica one with the brush for winter when my skin is DRY).  I use a prescription retinol at night and have been liking this rich Neocutis face cream over it. I have yet to find an eye cream I’m obsessed with. So I have a few so-so ones now. Please share if you have a good one! Every night I use my LED mask– at first I thought it was a crock, now I’m thinking maybe there’s something to it (if I do it every night- takes 10 minutes, and makes Emma cry when I wear it and Henry think I’m an Avenger of some kind). It’s been a couple months- we’ll see. For masks, I am OBSESSED with this cheap Versed one.  Seriously gives you a lift and brightens! I also always feel better with a little faux tan, so if I use a couple drop of TanLuxe on my face and the classic standby St. Tropez mousse on my body (with the mitt!) I also will use my gua sha tool and this oil to massage my face every few days in the morning to wake it up and de-puff. Also feels great on sore jaw muscles! Speaking of sore muscles, this basic epsom salt with lavender can’t be beat for relaxation in the bath. And my newest find is this Miami Beach Bum cream- guys, I always get razor burn on my legs…. since I switched to using mens razors (they are SO much better than the ones marketed to ladies) and using this cream after- not ONE BUMP! Amazing. Even though I sort of smell like a pizza from the oregano oil. #worthit


OK, now I’ve mentioned before I do have some injectables now that I’m in my 40’s. I get Botox between my eyebrows and above my upper lip (I have a gummy smile and this keeps the top lip from flipping under) as well as in my jaw for TMJ (which has, as a side effect, slimmed my jawline significantly a la Bethenny Frankel’s before and after pics- LOL).  I also get filler in my cheeks to help with my Resting Bitchy Face lines around my mouth that make me look like I’m pissed all the time.  I also plan to get, what my doctor says is “baby Fraxel” in October as my dark spots are out of control now. She says I’m gonna LOVE it, and she knows her stuff. I’m very much on the side of doing whatever makes you feel best- no shame, no guilt. And heavily advocate for going to an actual doctor for anything injected, not a med spa/ beautician. You do NOT want injectables done in the hands of anyone not properly trained!


After 7 years of IVF hormones and pregnancies, my body is finally settling back into a “normal” balanced state.  And it feels GREAT.  I also have found that working out has become therapy to me for my anxiety (especially these days with the world one big ol’ dumpster fire) and so I’ve been hustling more than normal and more active than I’ve been in years. So right now, I’m a little thinner than I’ve been in a while as I find the balance of working out and eating. But eating well has also helped me feel better about myself too, mentally and physically. In no way do I deny myself something I’m craving (in fact I housed a Burger King Double Cheeseburger on our drive to CT this past weekend), but during the week I try to eat pretty healthy. On the weekend, all bets are off for the most part.

I start my day with a smoothie chock full of supplements and good stuff to make sure I know I get SOME goodness in my system should the whole day’s eating plan go in the crapper. I blend a cup of frozen wild Maine blueberries, handful of spinach, scoop of Athletic Greens, scoop of collagen peptides, scoop of vanilla protein, 1/2 a banana, coconut milk and the juice of half a lemon. A yummy and fast way to power up. I get a nonfat latte on the way to work and then usually have a protein bar mid-morning. For lunch, I eat a Sweetgreen salad almost every day (spinach, arugula, chicken, broccoli, carrots, beets, shaved parm, lentils and balsamic vinaigrette) I’ve been so crazy busy lately with work, workouts and the kids that I usually don’t eat again until dinner.  Which could be order in pizza or Indian or Andrew will cook up some mix of protein, carb and veggie. Oh and wine. :) Again, #moderation.


I am so excited to be building our basement gym right now with Brookes + Hill because I’ve been riding my Peloton under a literal raincloud of fiberglass insulation that will probably kill me. :) We’ve decided we will most likely never join a gym again, so this is a great investment. We got a Peloton during COVID (as did everyone else) and while I still am not a HUGE fan of spinning, I LOVE the thing. The classes are great- running (outdoor audio or treadmill ones), biking, strength, HIIT, yoga– I try them all! And the teachers are really motiving (shoutout to my faves -Emma, Alex and Selena) I’m @eringates1979, if you wanna follow along. I also LOVE Melissa Wood Health classes and Sculpt Society. I also found this girl, Rachel Gullotta,  on YouTube I like quite a bit too. I bit the bullet and got an Apple Watch so I can run without lugging my phone and love that it tracks my stats.  The best part of my new routine- how much STRONGER I am, and the endurance I have is shockingly improved! Actually seeing results is pretty cool.

I work out about 30-50 minutes a day 5-6 days a week. Everyday I do something different so a week may look like this:


MONDAY: Running outside- 3-4 miles or inside Peloton running class

TUESDAY: 30-40 minute Melissa Wood Health class

WEDNESDAY: 30 minute spinning class or Peloton treadmill running class/ 5-10 minute abs or arms class

THURSDAY: 30 minute HIIT or strength/ circuit workout with bands/sliders/weights

FRIDAY: 30 minute Yoga class

SATURDAY: Morning run outside (2-4) miles plus short abs/arms/butt class

As for workout clothes- here are some of my faves! Currently obsessed with the Alo Airlift leggings top left, but also was “Instagram Ad Influenced” into these Landr leggings that are pretty awesome too (thick, so better for fall).


I hope that answered a lot of your questions! If you have faves- clothes, creams, classes– drop them in comments so we can all try!

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