February 17, 2021

My New House: The Master Bedroom Plan

Another day, another house update! You may have seen the master bedroom progress on IG, but I want to go through each room we’re working on here with our plans, before shots and then eventually, we’ll have the final AFTER pics too :)  The master bedroom felt really small when we saw the house furnished. I was nervous about it feeling as nice as our previous master bedroom, which was HUGE and bright. So to make it feel more “special” I chose a VERY special paper from Schumacher, the Mary McDonald Chinois Palais in Stone (vinyl to boot!) to paper the whole room in and BOY did it get the job done. The room not only feels way bigger, but like a very special spot in the house. Once I get my swing arm wall sconces up, the small nightstands will feel bigger (which is really the only issue with the room). We are using our old Colette bed (which I bought when we lived in that modern loft like, a million years ago) right now and it actually caused me to reassess my plan for the room. I had thought about going with a dark green velvet headboard, but then seeing the space all neutral felt SO soothing I changed my mind. So now everything is neutral, and we are reusing several items from our old house like the mirrors above the bed, the swing arm sconces, the double dresser and the bed pillow. Here’s the final plan:

  1. Sconces // 2. Mirrors // 3. Ceiling Fixture // 4. Wallpaper (retail source) // 5. Nightstands // 6. Bedding // 7. Bed Pillow fabric // 8. Frame TV with White Bezel // 9. Custom Cut Area Rug // 10. Bench in Putty Leather with white shelf // 11. Dresser // 12. Etagere // 13. Lamps // 14. Abstract Print // 15. Drapes (custom) // 16. Drape Trim // 17. Double Dresser

Progress shot from the day the wallpaper went in!

This wall looks SO much bigger now! This is a king bed with 18″ nightstands….

From the listing, this was a QUEEN bed!

It was… underwhelming. But it’s starting to feel really amazing. I need to get my curtains and shades in, a custom cut rug made (currently using one of my Momeni jutes) and add art, a wider dresser for under the TV and bookshelf and bench. One thing at a time!

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