July 12, 2017

My New Table Design With Huston & Co.

As you saw a few weeks ago in our office reveal, we have a new conference table in our space–my new design with Huston & Company that hits their website today!  The inspiration behind this came from the desire for a simple, farmhouse style table that had a little bit more style. Bill and Saer at Huston (who make my original design, the Gates Table) helped me refine the idea down to this simple shape but with some really interesting details to it.  Borrowing brass accents from Campaign style furniture and a modern leg design that cuts through the top of the table, I think the finished product, called the Newton Table (after our town where we live and my office is), is INCREDIBLE.

Right now Huston & Co. is offering 10% off all Newton dining tables through July 30th! See details and restrictions here. 

The lines are strong but elegant and the finish is rustic but durable (unlike some raw-wood farm tables sold in stores- this one will stand up to kids).  We decided that the beveled edge on the table added a lot to the design and really complimented the legs. Such a pretty profile, no?

The best part has to be the brass accents- hand forged in their Maine workshop.  The way the tabletop sits so the legs come through and sit flush with the top shows off the incredible artistry of these super talented furniture makers. (Of note: these tables can be made without the brass as well if preferred).

They also made up a round version which came out BANANAS. I am obsessed with it and cannot wait to use it in a project! The leg style allows for easy chair push in too, which is important!

Modern but rustic, simple but interesting. Its perfect.

And to build on this concept they also made coffee tables too— and this walnut version is amazing. The wood was specially selected for its beautiful grain.

This is a shorter version of the coffee table design with no overhang.  They also could make a desk or console table in this style if desired.

I adore that these tables are hand made in Maine and built to last a lifetime.  I always encourage my clients to invest in a good dining table– a well made one can last several generations, and these are that kind of quality.

Left to Right: Saer Huston, Bill Huston, Josh Rice, Tom Mifflin, Kyle Kidwell, Sonny Kim (not in photo).

Some of the Gates tables on the workbench in their shop!  I’m so proud to be working with these guys to craft American made goods that are truly special.

Right now Huston & Co. is offering 10% off all Newton dining tables through July 30th! See details and restrictions here. 

*Office photo by Sarah Winchester, other images via Huston & Co.



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