July 13, 2021

My New House: The Playroom

We still have a lot of work to do on this house, but took a little breather the past few months. We’re starting up again in September with the gym and basement bath (see post here) and while we’re at it, may try to tackle some of the playroom. The space is awesome, and the kids love it down there, but we need to really flesh it out to make the best use of it. I’m keeping the wall to wall that is currently there, and it was painted a neutral when we moved in – so the shell is good, we just need to make it FUN.  So here’s what I’m thinking for the space – a bold green sleeper sectional (so it can act as a guest space as well), built ins and some fun little touches to perk it up. Click items for links, other than those noted below.

Items not directly linked: art // playmat // grasscloth // paint: Ben Moore Wind’s Breath 

Here is the stairs down to the playroom from the family room, which needs carpet BADLY.

Something like this (Landry & Arcari)

When you walk into the room you have this nice big bank of windows (the rear door goes out to the patio – so nice to have this be a walk out space).  Also, if anyone wants this train table Henry never uses it and it’s huge – free if you can pick up!

Don’t mid my janky photos, I didn’t even pick up for you guys – ha! :) The back wall is pretty big but has this bump out at the bottom and we had to run our radon remediation system in the corner, so hoping to do very simple built ins to conceal the pipe and use up the vertical space for storage. Also we need to create a small desk space to the left where the treadmill is now (moving into the gym when we start that project in September). Andrew now works from home and needs a space that is down here as eventually we will lose the office we have now when we create the new master suite. Also, please feel free to ignore the elderly dog in a diaper.

A quick sketch of what I’m thinking. The lower part would be fixed panels and the new sectional would go right up against it with the chaise on the right hand side. I’d put the grasscloth behind the built ins and art.

A view from the doorway (that leads into the bath/hallway)…

This is such a great space currently chock full of crap. ;)

That closet is HUUUGE – you can’t see here that it goes WAY back to the left! It’s amazing to have for all the toys!

So that’s the plan! I hope to get this all done before winter but we’ll see…. with shipping and material delays, probably not, but maybe I’ll make a little headway.

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