August 30, 2021

Painting My Home’s Exterior A.K.A “Which White?”

(We looked at adding stone veneer to the foundation of the barn but the cost came is SO eye-wateringly high, we have to shelve it for now. We may cover the side facing the patios with trellis for now and try some fast growing climbing vines.)

So here are some of the colors I’ve been testing. I basically have painted the front of my house all white already trying to figure this out. According to Andrew “it’s all the same color”, but to me, my eyes go sideways deciphering undertones (which is hard on top of a yellow base!) So we’re priming the house in White Dove, as it’s the most consistent color, and then if we want to go with a different paint, we can – but testing on top of the primer will be a much easier way to see the true colors of the whites.

Also, struggling on the shutter/barn/door color too. I pictured it more French feeling, so grey-green – but mid tome or darker? More green or more true grey?

Of note: All my new exterior lighting will be brass and copper! Excited about the copper barn light on the green-grey barn!

Stay tuned!!!!

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