January 16, 2024

Pretend Client: Taylor & Travis

Yes, I am as obsessed with Taylor as the next middle aged woman. I was a moderate fan prior to going to see her Eras tour (Miss Americana is SUCH a good watch if you have not seen it!) – but after that experience, I became an official Swiftie. And I’m proud of it, damnit!

So I HAD to pick her as a pretend client (because can you think of a cooler client then TS?) Especially with the whole Kansas City “move” with Travis… the girl needs to put her stamp on his house. I have a feeling from his outfits his taste in interiors is probably suspect. And what better way than with a music lounge/bar/den??? I wanted this to feel rich, cozy, sexy and inviting, so I used lots of texture with tones of burnt red/gold (a nod to ol’ #87), and some rich olive green (being its her favorite color). And I sprinkled in some fun bits like the snake mirror, a photograph of the Rhode Island coast (where she has her infamous beach house), a mod cat bed of course, and lots of antique pieces (apparently up her alley?). The furniture has to be pretty solid to hold up all Travis’s football player friends, so I balanced that with this insanely gorgeous floral Iksel paper as the backdrop. Although through peeks into Taylor’s homes over the years she has been shown to be a little more “shabby chic”, I think this look is for a more grown up Taylor. More refined and confident.

How did I do? Should Taylor hire me? :)

SOURCES: sectional // faux fur throw // chairs // wallpaper // rug // coffee table // side tables // mantel // painting // mirror // piano // bar // bar stools // antique x benches // cat bed // photograph // lamp // chandelier // record player // faux orchid // tiger pillow //

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