July 17, 2017

Our Renovation- Phase 3: The Sunroom

I am SO excited that starting mid-August we are breaking ground on our sunroom renovation (shown above in the book)! This will be the FINAL bit we do to this house before selling it (probably in the next 2-4 years) but we all agree its going to be a great investment in the property and one that really changes how we live in the house now that we have a tiny toddler running around messing up all our stuff. :)

Right now the sunroom is not heated or air conditioned and clad in leaky old sliders with peeling laminate flooring. Really, not much of it can be salvaged so we are just knocking it down and re-building it, but 5 feet deeper and with a vaulted ceiling so it can serve as our family room.  We’re toying with making the fireplace double sided so you can see it from the living room or family room too, which would be pretty cool.  And since these drawings were done (by my dad’s architectural firm), we actually decided to eliminate the sliding glass door and instead copy the windows on the opposite wall to give us more wall space for toy storage.

This is what the room will look like from the end of the house…

Left will be the view from the front of the house (and will be the same on the back side too, facing the back yard)

We’re working with Monahan Contracting on this project and it should take roughly 8 weeks to complete. I seriously can’t wait (although construction with a toddler is going to be interesting re: nap time!? If anyone has advice on that let me know!)

I want this space to feel really relaxed and comfy with a neutral palette.  The walls and ceiling will all be shiplap and we’ll be using some wood beams like below (pic from Kate Marker Interiors insta). We’ll have a simple chandelier fixture in the center and the fireplace will have a clean white mantle with soapstone surround (if we do the double sided thing) with the TV mounted above.  We’ll be using our existing zebra ottoman in here, and I’m looking for the perfect comfy sectional like this one below (from Cisco, and way too expensive) to give us all room to lay down.  A Persian style rug is awesome at hiding stains and wear and tear and a bookcase like this one with baskets like these will help corral toys.   I’ll bring is slight blue accents like this pillow (since in the living room I’m going to do a blue sofa (!!!!)) which will help tie the two rooms together.

(lamps are from my line (sold out) and side tables are from Noir and Wisteria)

That said, keep your eyes peeled for a HUGE blog sale in the coming weeks of almost everything in my house. :) Sofas, tables, rugs….  I’m excited to refresh the house for our new life as a family with kids! Stay tuned as we begin!

And speaking of kids, many of you asked for the link to this busy board below my mom bought for Henry on Etsy that I posted on Instagram this weekend– BUY IT HERE.



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