February 6, 2019

Roundup: Faux Plants & Trees

Above, in this spec house we designed and staged we used faux greenery like the topiary next to the sink and the maidenhair fern in the entry! 

I have a confession: I’m a murderer. Of plants. I have killed SO many fiddle leaf fig trees I should be given a medal of some kind.  The only plant I have ever kept alive for a significant period of time is an olive topiary I bought at Brimfield three years ago. Yes, THREE YEARS. It sits next to my sink and I always remember to water it because, well, it’s next to said source of water and my coffee maker. It’s pretty hard to forget. Other than that- no matter how “easy to care for” things are, I kill them.  So I have implemented some faux greenery into my own home.  At first, it was begrudgingly, as I always prefer real and fresh greens- but it can get really expensive and tedious to replace fresh greenery constantly. Plus, cleaning out a vase of smelly old water you’ve neglected is disgusting.

Faux greenery and plants have gotten SO much better over the years, and I feel like more people are opening their arms to using them. I have a few rules/ tips for using faux greenery in such a way that it’ll look the most natural and fool the most people :)

  • skip the flowers- I still cannot get on board with faux flowers, so matter how realistic. Stick to non-flowering branches, potted plants, topiaries and trees.
  • Look for fakes with the most natural, toned down color- skip the un-naturally bright green ones.
  • Look for types of plants and branches that look faux even when real- succulents, rubbery-leaf plants, and greenery with small leaves.
  • Use drop-in plant styles you can put into any pots you want and then use preserved moss to cover the base. 
  • If using branches in a vase, either use an opaque vase to conceal the stems, or if using a clear vase, put water in it first so that it looks more real!
  • If using faux topiaries in outdoor planters surround the base with real dirt and plants that are easy to swap out- it makes the overall look much more realistic.

Here’s a round up of some great options for faux greenery!

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TOPIARIES: fourth, fifth
POTTED PLANTS: first row: first, second row: second

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