June 23, 2021

Roundup: Woven Wonders

One of my most favorite woven chairs of all time, funnily named “How To Marry A Millionaire” by Peter Dunham’s Hollywood at Home here in a project of ours. Photo by Michael J. Lee.

I love a good woven accent in every space, and right now there are SO MANY good items to choose from!  Word to the wise though, be sure not to use TOO many woven/ rattan/ caned pieces in one space though- it can end up feeling way too tropical or bohemian.  Stick to a couple pieces, or one large piece, and mix it with other styles of furniture.

Here are some favorites- click images for links except the lettered items which are linked below.

A. // B. // C. // D. // E. // F. // G. // H.

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