June 27, 2018

Tile Tips & Current Affordable Faves

Tile can be a paralyzing thing to choose when doing a renovation- it’s not technically permanent, but redoing tile is no easy feat. And while you can go absolutely crazy price wise with designer tile options, I find that some of the best, most timeless choices don’t cost an arm and a leg.

At first patterned tile may seem trendy, but really the style is based in so much historical inspiration that it really is not. One of the most popular styles is cement tile, which can be tricky to keep clean. We’ve sourced some tough porcelain versions that give that same look for much less money.

via Halcyon House

Tile 1 // Tile 2 // Tile 3

Subway tile will never, ever go out of style- and luckily, it’s one fo the most affordable choices available!  The standard 3″ x 6″ size however is not your only option. I’ve been using a lot of elongated size subway lately, in various textures and glazes, to give kitchens and baths a more interesting, yet classic, look.

Tile 1 // Tile 2 // Tile 3

Neutral tones is always your safest bet, but not always the most fun.  We’ve been incorporating colored field tile into a few bathrooms and even kitchens lately.  Typically more subtle tones of blue and green, which feel crisp and clean.


Tile 1 // Tile 2 // Tile 3 // Tile 4

IN my own bathroom I chose a marble chevron tile (that did in fact, cost many limbs per square foot- but it’s a tiny space so it wasn’t TOO bad overall). Herringbone, chevron, basketweave and large format hexagon tiles are completely timeless choices.

Photo by Sarah Winchester.

Tile 1 // Tile 2 // Tile 3


  • If ordering the tile yourself, always add 10-15% overage to the square footage needed to account for breakage in transit and in the case of marble, natural tone variations (sometimes lots vary a lot and you’ll get a few tiles that look a totally different color from most of the batch).
  • When it comes to grout, avoid using bright white on floors- it looks dingy in a minute.  Stick to light greys or darker tones to avoid scrubbing grout lines with a toothbrush for hours.
  • Don’t try to mix faux marble and real marble. If using a faux marble floor tile, I like to do the countertops in a solid quartz to avoid comparison.

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