May 3, 2021

Travel Dreams: Belmond Andean Explorer

As we all start to hope upon hope that we will be able to travel again freely sometime in the next year, I bet all of us are dreaming up trips we’d love to take. I was telling a friend the other day that at the top of my bucket list (behind an amazing safari) is taking a trip on a Belmond train, specifically the Andean Explorer, in Peru. First of all: LLAMAS. Second of all, look at this masterpiece of design. I can’t believe it’s a TRAIN!

It’s bonkers, I can’t even wrap my brain around how much fun this would be. Personally, I love taking trains. Whenever I go to NYC, I always, ALWAYS take the Acela. It’s so peaceful and I get so much more work done than when I fly. I can only imagine what something of this caliber would do for me!

The Observation Bar Car is downright adorable.

The fabrics and details are masterful.

I assume this is some sort of library/ den?

GAH!!! The banquette! The trim color! The leather chairs!

This looks like a more modern dining option… the fact that there is more than one place to eat also blows my mind.

STOP RIGHT NOW. This bedroom is beyond adorable! And let me repeat, it’s ON A TRAIN!!!

No doubt it costs a bajillion dollars to have a room like this on this train but…. WOWZAS.

I love the millwork details in the bathroom!

There’s a spa. On the train. A SPA.

This is the more standard twin bed bunk room and ya know what- I’ll take it! ;)

All images via the Belmond website

Some choices inspired by this gorgeous Peruvian train:

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