September 28, 2020

Trend Alert: Faux Sherpa, Shearling & Sheepskin

Jayson Home’s Siena Sofa, above.

I’ve noticed that there is a HUGE number of designers, stores and magazines showcasing faux sherpa upholstered furniture as of late (and it’s so seasonally appropriate). Mostly on modern frames and accented with wood or brass details, these pieces are both sleek AND cozy. I do wonder about staining/wear in cases of houses with children and pets, but they sure do look like a nice spot to snuggle up with a cup of coffee and read (or binge a Netflix show/scroll instagram). How do you feel about this trend? If it feels like too big of a commitment on a piece of furniture, you can try some pillows or a small ottoman (I actually have a small modern sheepskin ottoman I bought a dozen years ago I still love in my closet!). Also, kids love it- Henry has a sherpa beanbag he sometimes asks to sleep in!

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