February 7, 2018

Trend Watch: Fringe Trim (Yay or Nay?)

The other day I was trying to finish up my pillow scheme for my “formal” living room and a CRAZY idea popped into my head. Should I use some brush fringe on one pair of pillows?  I nearly stopped dead in my tracks at the fact that I was even entertaining that thought. Five years ago- heck, one year ago, I would have told you brush fringe and ANY fringe really, was a design no-no and made a face.

But here we are.  Bullion and brush fringe is making a comeback. It’s kind of like shoulder pads being revamped- super  80’s and 90’s, looks good on 1% of people/rooms but most will hate that it’s back (I, for one, have a deep disdain for shoulder pads). But it’s so interesting to me how trends recycle in this way.  Things you thought you hated slowly become something you think is cool again.

I mean, I’m not mad at this room. It’s fun. It’s not something I personally would do in my current living room, but I like it in someone else’s!

And lets look at Tory Burch’s homes/offices– girlfriend LOOOOOOVES her some bullion fringe sofas. And can pull it off.

I guess these kinds of sofas really work well in zillion dollar New York brownstones with grand scale so they don’t feel overwhelming. I remember being SO obsessed with this image of her boys playing on it.  Very Wes Anderson.

In her Paris store there is a tone on tone one which is WAY easier to get behind than contrast fringe.

Aerin Lauder also has a skirted table with some fringe in one of her homes…

Jeffrey Bilhuber, genius decorator extraordinaire, did this room.

Paired with some modern accents it’s kind of funky and fun and less stuffy.

I mean, I actually really like it on this chaise.

Liv Tyler on her pink fringe trimmed sofa.

This banquette is super chic and modern.

I mean, Jonathan Adler is offering sofas and chairs with bullion fringe now! And so is One Kings Lane. So are we on board??? Maybe just on a pillow? Or do you absolutely HATE this trend?

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