April 23, 2018

Using Fabric & Grasscloth Wrapped Furniture

When considering furniture for our design projects (and for my own home), I love to include grasscloth or linen wrapped pieces whenever possible. Beyond the obvious fact that they bring texture to a space, these materials also help to elevate a design by mixing so beautifully with other finishes such a wood, lacquer and stone. For example, I was struggling with what finish to choose for my bedroom dresser when I had already selected a wood bed and white lacquer side tables, and natural grasscloth was the perfect fit as it blends well but also avoids it looking like a “set” of furniture.

(dresser above available here)

Grasscloth and linen wrapped furniture just looks and feels so special and custom, but can still be totally approachable, and one of our favorite companies to work with is Bungalow 5 – they craft quality pieces that are both modern and luxurious without an insane price tag. Given the craftsmanship of these pieces and the skill it takes to hand apply the finishes, a lot of furniture made this way is VERY expensive, so Bungalow 5 is a great option for quality and affordability.

I especially am loving the new pieces that bring pattern into play, including herringbone, which is a beautiful, subtle way to incorporate pattern unexpectedly.

Many of the wrapped pieces have a treatment on them to help prevent staining, but you can also choose a piece with a lacquer top, so you don’t have to worry at ALL about spills but still work these textured pieces into your décor.

I also love that grasscloth isn’t limited to one style or region. People often think of it as coastal, but it can just as easily be used in a city townhouse or out in the ‘burbs. We’ve used it in just about every location and type of home—modern, traditional…you name it.

Here, I’ve pulled a few of my favorite Bungalow 5 pieces and styled them up in different ways – and they are NOT just limited to grasscloth and wrapped furniture- they have great dining chairs, lacquered wood pieces and even lamps and art!


Sofa // Side Tables // Rug // Lamps // Art // Floral Pillow // Leopard Pillow

KIDS ROOM: These side tables are lacquer, not grasscloth or linen, but I love them.

Daybed // Side Tables // Art // Sconces // Rug // Kids Table // Kids Chairs // Rocking Horse


Chest // Art // Lamp // Chairs // Rug (sold, but similar here) // Fabric for Chairs //  Frame

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