December 18, 2017

I Want to Go To There: Graybarns

This time of year always makes me crave clean spaces, solitude and calm.  Which pretty much sums up the Graybarns Inn & Tavern in Norwalk, CT.  Holy smokes, this place looks like a little bit of country heaven!  I’m loving the simple, rustic decor and the incredibly charming architecture!  It’s a historically rich property (with a past as a textile mill, speakeasy and inn where Liz Taylor and Eddie fisher honeymooned) that has been brought back to life.

I am a New England girl through and through so the exterior is totally my jam.

And I love the simple but striking interiors done by the proprietor Marsha Glazer.

Modern rustic at it’s best.

The exterior images have me craving warm weather too.

The Tavern is an extension of the elegant country look.

A Windsor chair fan’s bit of heaven :)

The developer and owner of the property also developed a little residential enclave on the property. DYYYYYIIIINNNNGGGG.

Has anyone been? Looks to me to be the perfect spot for a cozy weekend away!

Get the look of the Greybarns Inn here, by clicking images for links!

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