June 12, 2020

Welcome Emma.

I just wanted to jump on quickly to say hello, despite being in the newborn fog. As most of you probably know, our daughter, Emma Elizabeth Porter Gates, was born on Monday, June 8th at 4:03 pm after a fast labor (like, really fast!) We are home — healthy, happy and getting used to our new normal of having two kids (whaaaaaaaat??)

Here she is, a few minutes old!

The staff at Newton-Wellesley Hospital was so amazing (as they were with Henry’s birth too). I felt completely safe and protected, even during this crazy COVID time. We only stayed 24 hours, since the birth had no complications, and it was nice to be home early so Henry could meet his little sister!

Henry is DELIGHTED in his role of big brother.  He’s been super happy and helpful, which has been so wonderful, as I was a little worried about how he’d do with this huge change.

As for her name, we’ve always loved the name Emma. It’s popular, I know, but I am one for super classic names (we also liked the name Molly a lot too). Elizabeth was Andrew’s grandmother’s name and Porter is after Miss Porter’s School, the all-girls school I went to that truly changed my life after a very tough time.

My team will be posting from time to time here, and I will pop on as I can, but I’m really trying to take this time all in knowing this is my last baby. Thank you for all your well wishes and comments on IG!




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