April 12, 2024

Williams Sonoma Faves From My Own Home

I’ve had many partnerships over the years, and the long term partnerships that I value most are genuinely organic and bring me joy. Williams-Sonoma is one of those – not only because they have believed in me from the beginning, but because I buy and use all their goods constantly (no surprise there) regardless of any partnerships we have together. Getting ready for this shoot of my house was an undertaking, and I realized as I walked around the spaces and propped it out how much of the accents in the kitchen, as well as other parts of the house (including my all time favorite picture frames, for example) are from them.

I rounded up the items you’ll see throughout my home from Williams-Sonoma here – I get asked a lot about my floral glassware, what pans fit in my smaller French ovens and where to get a great fake orchid – so here ya go!

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