July 2, 2024

Roundup: Great Twin Beds for Kids

I absolutely LOVE a double twin bed room. The symmetry is so pleasing to the eye and the second bed a great spot for sleepovers (or tired parents stuck staying in the room until their kid falls asleep….. *ahem*)

We did this room a few years ago and have not gotten around to sharing it – the double twin beds are fantastic, as is the bold floral paper paired with the graphic patterned window treatments. The unexpected pairing of violet and bright orange are also a twist.

Photo by Michael J. Lee

I was asked by a client the other day what size beds most kids have – we most often see kids in queen beds these days, or a pair of twins – full size beds are VERY hard to find, believe it or not! If I could have done two twin beds for Emma, I would have jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, her room layout doesn’t allow for it, but here are some amazing twin bed options for stylish kids rooms in case you have the space for them!