June 27, 2016

Could You Live In 400 Square Feet?

I saw this GORGEOUS Stockholm apartment on Apartment Therapy this week and thought “Now THAT is a tiny home I could be down with!”  I’ve seen so many “tiny home” shows on HGTV which really seem like a crock.  How is it possible to live in 200 square feet with someone else nevermind two children? I mean REALLY? The kids sleep under the stairs a la Harry Potter (“Junior’s bedroom doubles as the pantry and the wardrobe! It’s so convenient!”) and there is a composting toilet that also acts as a seat for the shower which is also the living room sofa.  I’d love to see a show called “Tiny Homes: Three Months Later” in which all the people have put their homes up for sale.  I love the concept of downsizing and living small, but in a realistic way.

Now this apartment would work beautifully for a couple.  It’s stunning in it’s detail- the iron framed window walls in the bedroom (I personally would have installed modern, streamlined white drapes on a ceiling track that could be pulled shut for privacybut not ruin the look) but I adore the way it keeps the space bright and light while also dividing the living spaces.


Looking into the living room from the kitchen (I guess looking at my unmade bed while washing the dishes might stress me out but to live in a place like this I think it’s a requirement that you be a neat freak!)


The adorable kitchen. Keeping the cabinetry simple and sleek makes everything sppear tidy and spacious.


The bedroom- this looks so calming right now! And see- they didn’t even make their bed for the shoot so I guess I was wrong. :)


I’d also add some side tables and a small chair in here. :)


In the living room is a wall of closets for clothing and other needs.  I’d probably add some more storage pieces in here- perhaps a chest and some storage ottomans for extra seating?


What’s the smallest you’ve lived in?  Andrew’s and my first condo we bought before we got married was 690 square feet and was so perfectly laid out it felt way bigger and we absolutely loved it.  It was so adorable and lovely that a girlfriend bought it when we wanted to sell!

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