October 16, 2019

Fall Pillow and Candle Collection

I’m going to preface this post by saying that we are having issues with Wayfair and so there are some notes and stock details I am going to flag in this post that show up inaccurately on the site. Please read carefully. We’ve tried and tried to get them to fix these issues for a month to no resolve, sadly. So if you have an issue or want to order something that is showing out of stock , please email info@secretcelebrity.net with your order or questions. 

This fall collection is based in neutrals and navy, the colors that are always best-sellers for us, with a couple fun pops of other color for fun! Below is the navy selection– a mix of prints, wovens and border applique details. All for under $50.  Some of these are labeled on Wayfair as indoor/outdoor. THAT IS NOT TRUE. These are all indoor-only pillows.

Click images for links:

NOTE: It shows the raffia border as out of stock, it is not. You can sign up with email to get notification when it comes online, or just email info@secretcelebrity.net to order that pillow.

Some details of the pillows:

This is the brown collection, as brown is BACK, y’all.


NOTE: The brown raffia border is listed as out of stock, but it isn’t. As above, either sign up for notification when it is online at Wayfair, or email info@secretcelebrity.net to order.

And some more deep browns…. total basics and great to pair with other neutrals or colors (I like pale blue, green or blush!)



A nice mix of neutrals (brown, cream and warm grey) to keep things fresh in fall:


(Again, the raffia border is NOT out of stock. To order email info@secretcelebrity.net)


These are fun blockprint pillows that reverse to a stripe in some bolder colors!

NOTE: The images of these pillows on Wayfair do not include the poms, but the pillows DO have pom poms (as shown below).


We’ve poured some of our bestselling scents into new simply branded glass vessels.

BLUE: Currant & Rose

CHARTREUSE: Lavender & Leaves

DARK GREEN: Cozy Holiday

GREY (production vessel was printed with a more beige color, FYI): Sweet Smoke

Sorry for the confusing post– this product is all made and ready to sell and we just couldn’t wait for Wayfair to fix the issues we’ve been repeatedly asking to have fixed. So I hope you understand and are still excited about the pillows. And hopefully this post will perhaps finally get the attention of an actual human at Wayfair to help us get these issues fixed!


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