June 29, 2020

House Tour: A Home in the Country for a Modern Family

Molly again!

If you’ve read Erin’s second book, Elements of Family Style – and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! – you know that each chapter showcases different areas of the home. While it’s great to be able to pick a room and see so many different examples of beautiful design, we realized that it’s difficult to see the full picture on some of these projects where Erin designed multiple rooms in the home. SO, today I’m giving you a tour of one of our favorite projects from the book, along with a few items you can buy now to cozy up your own space.

This home was featured last year on My Domaine, so if you’d like to read Erin’s thoughts on the project, check out the feature here.

Now for the tour! Starting in the family room:

This airy family room opens up to the breakfast nook, butler’s pantry and kitchen:

Erin also designed the living room, which is formal yet warm and beautifully layered:

And powder:

You may have seen this gorgeous wallpaper pop up in a few of our projects!

Finally, Erin designed a new room for the client’s tween daughter:

(All photos by Michael J. Lee)

There are actually a few more spaces in this home that we’re helping with, so we’ll be sure to post those once we’re able to photograph! In the meantime, here are a few retail items you can snag that will help you achieve a similar look (click the images for links):


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