June 11, 2021

Outdoor Entertaining with Anthropologie!

beach blanket // candle // drink dispenser // glasses (sold out)

COVID has certainly inspired us to entertain more outside, and today I’m partnering with Anthropologie to bring you some fun entertaining finds for anything from dinner to a simple picnic outside! I got this amazing extra large beach towel/ blanket that I am OBSESSED with (the colors and pattern are to die for, and the size is amazing for a small picnic or really getting comfy at the beach!)

This citronella candle smells so much better than most, and the vessel is just gorgeous- keeping bugs away is KEY to enjoying your time outdoors! These glasses sadly have sold out, but I do love using lots of raffia/ woven accented things when setting up an outdoor party.

I used this amazing drink dispenser for Emma’s birthday party- a mix of marble and rattan, it’s not TOO huge, but holds a good amount for a gathering- and it great for mixed drinks!

Here are some more items I love from Anthro for this purpose:

And while we’re shopping Anthropologie, I thought I’d toss in some items that caught my eye clothing wise too :)

Hope you have time to have your own little outdoor picnic this weekend!

*This post was sponsored by Anthropologie. All selections and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that help keep EOS going!

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